October update, bug fixes & balancing patch

Hi everyone.

I'm generally trying to get new patches out at the end of each month, but as I've been away for a while there wasn't a September update. In the mean time, you can now follow us on twitter at @lostcolonygame to keep up to date with the games progress!

This patch has focused on implementing some feedback given from our players in the last patch, fixing bugs and adding a small amount of new content.

As always, feedback is welcome - it would be great to know what you think so far, and to know what you'd like to see in the game.

The next patches will focus on adding new content, including seasonal transitions and survival events for the colony.


* Introduced the "faith" resource. Faith is generated by temples and points of interest, and can be used to purchase perks  in the research tree.

* Included a mini-map to the game.  This can be toggled on/off with the M key.

* Introduced the marketplace. When the market has been built, the player can now buy and sell resources using silver.

* There is now a maximum warrior count. This can be viewed on the player resource bar, and can be increased by building new Armory buildings.

* Removed the 'watch tower' building for now, until the fog of war mechanic has been re-implemented in the November patch.

* A story introduction is now at the start of the game.

* The camera can now be moved by moving the mouse to the edges of the screen.

* Added input tutorial elements.

* Slowed down camera rotation speed.

* Added keybinds for camera rotation ('Q' & 'E') and camera zoom (',' & '.').

* Added a statue point of interest that can be repaired by Pops.

* Pops now do distance-based tasking, as to better select the right Pop for the job!

* Fixed some Pop navigation bugs caused by invisible geometry.

* Fixed the "urgh!" noise that played over and over when a Pop was stuck on a job.

* Added tutorial elements for world and colony events, such as a fire breaking out; the colony beginning to starve and the maximum amount of resources being hit.

* All building descriptions have been reworked. 


* Reworked old research tree.

* Added a "Masonry" perk. 

* Added a "Rebuild Bridges" perk. Allows rebuilding of bridges to new areas.

* Added a "Architecture" perk. Increases build speed by 25%.


* Changed building costs to be overall cheaper.

* Changed building production values.

* Reduced the amount of stone and wood that is produced from cutting down trees and mining stone.


* New seasonal world tracks for Winter and Summer.

* Minor audio fixes, and balances.

* Horn sound now blares whenever a threat appears, such as a world event or enemy.


* Selected entities within the world now have a short description when selected. 

* Reworked the building menu to be easier to understand.  Divided buildings into two categories, "basic" and "advanced".

* Tooltips now show building production in the build menu. 

* Tooltips now show conditions, such as research that has not been completed in order to unlock the building.

* There are now notifications for when a building has been completed.

* An options menu has been created that allows changing of graphics settings, input keybinds, and more.

* A pause menu can now be accessed by pressing Escape while in game.


* Implemented a hardware mouse solution. Previously using a software mouse, which was visually slow and frustrating for user experience.


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Version 3 Oct 31, 2019

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