Minor bug fixes & updates

This is a minor update to fix some reported bugs, and unlock some other gameplay features that were hidden in the first build.

Change list:
* Pops now cost 2 food per day, rather than 1.
* Running out of food causes the colony to begin to starve. This will cause one pop to be continuously damaged until they die or a source of food (like a farm) is provided.
* The town hall will no longer produce Pops if there is no available food income.
* Stones now take far longer to mine, but have increased amounts of stone according to their size.
* Trees now take longer to cut down.
* The game has been reduced in size from 2.1gb uncompressed to 1.3gb. I am continuing to work on cutting down the file size.
* The shipyard now unlocks ship-events, a dialogue driven event that occurs after day 10.

Bug list:
* Fixed a bug where the game could crash upon rebuilding the shipyard.
* Fixed an AI bug where Pops could walk into the ocean.
* Fixed a bug where the water would appear as black.


lost-colony-windows-x64.zip 919 MB
Version 2 Sep 03, 2019


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Quick comment - I'm not sure how much can be done about the first thing; the mouse feels very "floaty", like it is taking rather a lot to process it... you're not running a software mouse are you? (much worse performance on those). The other one si there doesn't seem to be a quit button...?

Otherwise pretty good despite the few tutorial elements so far.

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Hi there.

I am using a software mouse right now, unfortunately. I will replace this with a hardware mouse implementation in the patch after next (November update).

I'll message you when the fix is available. Thanks for your patience!