The Lost Colony turns 1-years old

Hi everyone!

Today, the Lost Colony is officially one year old! One year since I started development on the original concept, and nearly seven months since the last version of the game was available.

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone for their kind comments and queries about the progress of the project so far. I'm working full-time at a games development company in Scotland now, so progress will inevitably be a bit slower, as I only have weekends and nights to work on The Lost Colony. 

Unfortunately the ongoing global pandemic has slowed down the art-side of the project, and I am currently waiting on work to be delivered before sharing any screenshots or visual updates. Be sure to follow us on twitter  or itch for any updates on the project.

I hope everyone is keeping safe during the madness!



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Deleted post

Hey SGP! Thanks! I'm actually Scottish myself so, I'm all too familiar how awesome the people are and how terrible the weather is :(

Thanks for being so positive! Can't wait to get it to you.